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9.30-9.35          Welcome & introduction - H.L.A. Janssen 


Liver tumors - Chair D. Sprengers

9.35-9.50           How to optimize HCC surveillance in chronic HBV infection – M.J. Sonneveld

9.50-10.15         TIPS before advanced therapies for HCC – D. Thabut

10.15-10.20       Case – A. van Eldere

10.20-10.35       Advanced treatment for HCC: Immunotherapy –  F.A.L.M. Eskens

10.35-10.50       Advanced treatment for HCC: Radioembolization –  M.G.E.H. Lam

10.50-11.00       Interactive table discussion        


11.00-11.30       Break


Liver Transplantation - Chair S. Darwish Murad

11.30-11.45       Referral for liver transplantation with a low MELD score? – C.M. den Hoed

11.45-12.05       Working around the MELD: Living-related donation liver transplantation – R.J. Porte

12.05-12.30       How to optimize a liver graft using machine perfusion – V.E. de Meijer

12.30-12.40       Interactive table discussion


12.40-13.40       Lunch

State of the Art - Chair R. Maan 

13.40-14.10       Acute kidney injury & fluid/salt balances in liver disease – E.J. Hoorn

State of the Art - Chair H.L.A. Janssen

14.10-14.15       Solko W. Schalm Award Ceremony

14.15-14.45       HBV/HDV: present and future – H. Wedemeyer  

NASH - Chair R.J. de Knegt

14.45-15.00       NASH & Fibrosis screening in the population based setting – W.P. Brouwer

15.00-15.20       Holistic approach for the treatment of patients with NASH – E.F.C. van Rossum

15.20-15.30       Interactive table discussion


State of the Art - Chair A.J.P. van der Meer

15.30-16.00       Difficult to treat AIH – Treatment roadmap, off-label therapies and response criteria – C. Schramm



16.00-16.10       Closing remarks – H.L.A. Janssen

16.10                 Drinks

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